Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mainstream media covering up British role in Mumbai, paving way for "retaliation" by India

Within a day after the end of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, undeniable evidence of British sponsorship had been discovered, and reported on the LaRouchePAC website. Yet the mainstream media, which is ultimately controlled by the financial oligarchy, was pretending to be mystified, even to the point of indicating that "we may never know" who was behind the attacks. However, it does seem to be fairly certain that they will erase recent improvements in relations between India and Pakistan, and might even lead to war. For example, a November 29th Washington Pest article entitled South Asians in D.C. Area Brace for Attacks' Fallout indicated that Congress, that seething collection of British puppets, and the US-India Political Action Committee are working on pressuring India to retaliate against targets in Pakistan. It closes with a quote by a spokesman for the aforementioned PAC which implies that India will be pressured by the US to respond as did the US after 9/11: by attacking a country which the neo-cons conned us into believing was the sponsor, when they work for the actual sponsor.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Media: "Pay no attention to the next trillion being dumped by the Fed's fleet of helicopters!"

One of the many functions of the British terrorist-puppet attacks in Mumbai has got to be to distract us from the beginning of what LaRouche has identified as the outbreak of hyperinflationary money-pumping into the quadrillion-buck derivatives bubble. Hope you enjoyed your last Thanksgiving.

It appears that the Mumbai attacks quickly became a fight to the death for the attackers, who must be killed to prevent us from learning who put them up to it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Paulson Lies

from 'I wish that there was just one action we could take'

Mr. Paulson vigorously defended the government's efforts yesterday, insisting there's no magic fix to a severe crisis that comes along once or twice a century.

"I wish, and I know you all wish, that there was just one action we could take, and all of this would end and the economy would turn around and the financial system would be in the kind of shape we'd like it to be," Mr. Paulson told reporters.

"But that's not the world we live in today."

[end of excerpt]

That's a lie - Paulson damn well knows that there is one key action he could take to solve the crisis, and that is a bankruptcy reorganization of the entire system. But Paulson wants to pretend that this solution doesn't exist, because he doesn't want a solution.

There are no Christian Scientists in foxholes (for long)

"[Christian Science] teaches that we are spiritual rather than material, that truth and good are real and therefore evil and error are unreal, and that through prayer and spiritual comprehension, through knowing and understanding God, these facts can be spiritually achieved and demonstrated."

from Wikipedia entry for Christian Science

In fact, as can be ascertained by studying the works of Rudolf Steiner, evil is an objective spiritual force, and is therefore just as real as good. How else can Hank Paulson, an apparent Christian Scientist, explain the British empire, for which he is an expendable tool? His wishful, delusional thinking won't save our bacon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where are Summers' warnings of crisis?

On MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program of 11/25/08, one of the hosts, I believe Mike Barnacle, said that Lawrence Summers has been warning us about the financial/economic crisis for years. I Googled "Lawrence Summers," and found little evidence of these supposed warnings, although I did learn that he has been writing for the City of London's/East India Company's flagship rag, the Financial Times - the ideal "soap box."

Furthermore, Summers, according to the Establishment media, is considered to be an economic genius, so why didn't it pass along Summers' supposed warnings?
So THAT's why they're not cranking up production!

One of the Establishment's favorite lines recently is that the financial crisis took a long time to develop, and that solutions will therefore take a long time. In other words, they had plenty of time to see it coming, but didn't do anything.

But this is no excuse for not IMPLEMENTING solutions immediately, although it is true as they say that a recovery will take a long time (much longer than they want us to believe). Obama's recovery plan is, not surprisingly, intended to give us the impression that he's taking steps in the right direction, but in fact he's not. There are higher priorities than our 19th-century transportation system, such as power plants and rail systems, which will be necessary to pull off a recovery. This is where a true expert in physical economy, such as LaRouche, would be necessary to tell us not only what we need to do, but the ORDER in which to do it, which is crucial. The binge of building overpriced McMansions over the last decade is an example of a poor use of resources at this point - like putting frosting on a rotting cake, and then finding that it's no longer possible to bake a cake, although it would have been possible before putting frosting on the rotten one.

But this waste of resources isn't anything compared to
bailing out bankers' gambling debts.