Friday, December 19, 2008

The banality of "the terrorists" in Iraq

Iraq Ministry Says US Troops Kill Employees, Burn Office reports that apparent members of the US military went on a war-crimes spree at a flour mill operated by the Iraqi Grain Board, and the the military APOLOGIZED and said it was A MISTAKE. (Well, then, what's all the fuss about?)

A major purpose of this raid was TERROR, just as are the "random, accidental" bombings in Afghanistan. Iraqis now have to worry about being murdered in their sleep "by mistake" by killers above the law who can just say "oops" and otherwise act as if they did nothing wrong. (This is probably why the US apologized - to prove that it's responsible, and that it doesn't intend to do anything about it.) I suspect it was also intended to disrupt the operation of this organization which meets some of the most basic needs of Iraqis - one of the few remaining vestiges of civilization in Iraq. Another likely purpose is to stoke the hatred against the US military, and to get some of the good guys in the US military killed (such as, "coincidentally," just before the end of their last of several tours in Hades-Iraq), thus "justifying" further terror. There are no doubt other purposes, but none of them could be good. The perpetrators are war criminals, and probably members of the Satanist faction within the US military, and should be treated as such.