Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CNN "mystified" by shoe-thrower's motives

"It's unclear what motivated the journalist, but reports suggest that al-Zaidi knows firsthand the anguish of the Iraq war. Al-Zaidi was kidnapped in November 2007 and released three days later, according to Reporters Without Borders."

from TV station urges release of shoe-throwing journalist

CNN knows what his motives are: to bring the ongoing plight and rage of the Iraqi people to the attention of people who get their news from the mainstream media, which has been downplaying it. Its strategy seems to be to give the impression that conditions have improved by simply not covering them. A little digging on the internet is all that's required to learn that Bush has largely succeeded in wiping out civilization there. As for the collapse of the rest of civilization, you can keep abreast of developments (aptly symbolized by the demolition of the WORLD TRADE Center, which started with a gargantuan explosion at the base, symbolizing the disintegration of the financial system upon which the economy depends) through, along with the "solutions" being rammed down our throats by our "democratic" government.