Monday, December 8, 2008

Satanism/SRA, by other names, in the news

"The Justice Department unsealed indictments today in its case against five employees of North Carolina-based Blackwater Worldwide for their role in a 2007 Baghdad shooting that killed 17 Iraqi civilians. The men -- all decorated U.S. military veterans -- have been charged with manslaughter and misuse of firearms for actions they took while guarding a State Department convoy."

from Blackwater guards face manslaughter charges for Iraq massacre

MANSLAUGHTER? This was first-degree murder committed for purposes of Satanism, including fanning the flames of hatred toward the US. David Berkowitz took the fall for a similar gang (the Son of Sam cult), and he was locked up for murder. But at least this Blackwater gang provided the ultimate symbol for the "war on terror," which is a reign of terror in the name of fighting terrorists. Bush and Cheney should be put on trial along with these relatively minor monsters.

from Chained Boy's Brother Also Claims Abuse:

(CBS) The brother of a California teen who showed up at a gym malnourished and wearing an ankle chain said he was also abused by the boys' guardian.
Austin said Ramirez beat him and his brother often "for no reason."
[end of excerpt]

Not for no reason - for magical powers which the culprit/sucker believes they will eventually receive. The only difference between these two cases of SRA is the form and intensity. As a Satanist "progresses," they must increase the intensity of their SRA until they attain those "magical powers," i.e. become possessed.