Saturday, December 27, 2008

Surprise! British colony slated as Gitmo-successor

"SYDNEY (AFP) – The Australian government may accept released Guantanamo Bay detainees for resettlement at the request of the United States, but only after rigorous case-by-case assessment, a report said Saturday."

from Australia may take Guantanamo detainees: report

"Rigorous": Whether or not they just sit in the corner and drool. If they don't yet, they need more "interrogation."

Australia is known for its brutal concentration camps used for containing desperate refugees. Based on what I've read, which I recall only vaguely, they strike me as yet another opportunity for Satanists to partake in moderate-intensity SRA. (If they could "justify" torturing refugees to death, they would, but they have to declare them to be terrorists and ship them to supposed rogue, brutal tin-pot dictatorships in Africa to do that.)

But in the case of the "terrorists" held at Gitmo, the purpose is not simply SRA, but to determine if it's possible to cause their captives to develop such an intense loathing for Earth-life, and utter, utter hopelessness (thus the frequent hope-buildups and letdowns), that the higher soul splits from the lower soul, and flees into a realm of fantasy, like a Joel Osteen sermon, to escape from their seemingly endless torment. This is what I call the “Eighth Sphere agenda,” which is one of the Devil’s highest goals. I gather that they haven't finished their experimentation at Guantanamo, and/or that they must hide their "successes," thus explaining the interest in shipping them to Australia.