Sunday, January 11, 2009

The accidental Satanist

I haven't made myself sufficiently clear about a basic aspect of Satanism, which is that many who are Satanists IN DEED are unaware that they are in fact Satanists. This is because Satanism consists of sexual orgies designed to create an initial state of possession, and subsequent deliberate cruelty (SRA, which is ritualistic in the sense of being repetitive) of a wide range of intensities designed to create demonic possession. Those involved in this activity don't necessarily know that they are Satanists, and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that most do not realize that they are. Naturally, they are unlikely to provide accurate answers to any polls regarding this question, partly because their twisted motives cannot withstand scrutiny.

I previously stated that the Manson Family was a Satanic cult consisting of unwitting dupes, but then I learned that Tex Watson had made some explicit references to serving Satan or the Devil (not the same being, although he probably didn't know this). So, it's possible that Manson's other followers were also aware that they were serving Satan, but they had undoubtedly been duped as to the true purpose of their activity.

This is why I suggest that those visiting this site be critical about my conclusions, and why I provide references to my source material. The important thing is to provide potential recruits to Satanism with an awareness of its nature and purpose, in order to save their souls and to protect society. I have at least provided sufficient accurate information to do that, despite having tunnel vision on the matter of motivations.