Saturday, January 17, 2009

British narrative has Hezbollah plotting revenge

"Israel’s bloody offensive in Gaza may be drawing to a close but there were growing fears last night that a new conflict may be looming with Hamas’s ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah."

from Hezbollah plots bloody vengeance

If this were true, the title of this blog entry would have been "Mission accomplished," but the success of this mission has always been guaranteed because all those actually involved are on the same British/Satanic side, waging war "on each other" and "inadvertently" crushing a segment of mankind between themselves. They SAY that Hezbollah is plotting revenge, but it will be their agents which attack "Israel," thus giving "Israel" the "right" to obliterate Lebanese civilization and set the stage for the next escalation to a global conflagration. These lies would be pathetic if not for the horrendous consequences, and the ease with which they are being accepted as justification for unbridled savagery of Satanists disguised as oppressed Jews.