Friday, January 16, 2009

"Israeli" leaders caught in lies about motive for Gaza slaughter

Israeli Officials Can’t Seem to Get Stories Straight on UN Attack notes that "Israeli" officials have told conflicting stories about the motive for the attack on the UN compound in Gaza, saying that it was both a mistake and a deliberate reprisal for attacks launched from that location. The implication is that they don't care enough about what we think to get their lies straight, because what we think makes no difference in a fascist world order disguised as democracy.

But it also indicates that they are more willing to tell transparent lies than the ugly truth, which is that the attack was intended to terrorize Palestinians by convincing them that they have no place to hide from "Israeli" attacks, and to provoke the world to the point where "Israel's" further attacks upon itself, in the guise of Islamic groups firing a few ineffective missiles into Israel from neighboring areas will serve as an explanation for "Israel's" expansion of the attacks to those countries, which are intended as further provocation, to the point where it starts a world war involving nuclear weaponry - the "Apocalypse." Of course, Pat Roberton and his ilk will downplay the "Israeli" war crimes and trumpet anything that can be construed as an attack on "Israel."