Sunday, January 25, 2009

John Boehner channels David Hume

I am sick of the tripe coming from the likes of House Republican Leader John A. Boehner, that the average American knows more about physical economics than any experts which the government could hire to put the economy through an orderly bankruptcy and revamp the macroeconomic configuration. He essentially claims that the random expeditures of millions of Americans, on their own short-sighted needs, will do more to lay the foundation for an economic recovery than would government spending (using credit issued by a national bank) guided by the likes of the proven trustworthy physical-economist, and all-around genius, Lyndon LaRouche.

This lie, known as "spontaneous order," was fabricated by David Hume and his fellow imperial apologists of the Scottish Enlightenment. Bernard Mandeville (Man-devil), advocated the same thing, using the supposedly mindless beehive as his justification. Little did this disgusting existentialist/Satanist realize that the activity of a beehive is guided by spiritual beings who constitute the hive's "group soul." So, he was unwittingly advocating the guidance of society by more advanced souls such as LaRouche. Although Hume contended that humans do not have the divine spark of reason, I suppose he would have us believe that he was an exception.

Yet, if a vote were taken tomorrow on whether we should build maglev rail systems to replace a portion of our existing bumper-car transportation system, Americans would support it in droves, because they at least recognize its inherent economic benefits, including being able to travel safely in almost any weather, including the likely icier winters ahead. Then we would find that Boehner and his banality-spewing ilk actually don't have much faith in the American people, but were just resorting to demagoguery in their quest to destroy the economy. I suspect that he has no problem with "big government" when it comes to purely negative activities, such as NSA data-mining (i.e. profiling us for their anticipated gulag), or the somewhat more wasteful activity known as "the war on terror" based on other lies.