Sunday, January 18, 2009

More evidence that Israeli mission was not to stop rocket attacks

Truce Takes Hold in Gaza: Israeli Forces Will Remain reports that "Israel" declared a truce on the basis that its mission to stop the rocket attacks by Hamas had been successful, although the attacks continued until the ceasefire.

The "Israeli" leadership obviously thinks we're a bunch of idiots. How much more blatantly could they have stated, through their actions, that the rocket attacks were just a pretext to allow them to go on a hideous SRA-binge and provoke the "Apocalypse?"
The SRA/provocation isn't over, either, because "Israel" evidently plans to squat on Gaza to ensure that the suffering and hatred continues. Which god chose these people?

By the way, note that the mainstream media, which was practically MIA during "Israel's" war-crimes spree, managed to report the truce. I doubt that it will show us the aftermath, probably on the basis that "Israel" is blocking them for "security" reasons - that is, until the place can be cleaned up enough to hide its most egregious crimes.