Saturday, January 31, 2009

Neo-cons hate "collectivism" unless it's for destructive ends

The British financial oligarchy and their neo-con-men lackeys are masters at brainwashing the masses to accept their insanity, although someone who has read enough of LaRouche's exposés can easily see through their false premises. Cynical "conservatives" Rush Limbaugh and his "soul" mate Tony Blankley are part and parcel of this brainwashing effort. The only thing they seek to conserve is the ancient feudal order, which is a little more conservative than most would assume.

The "war on terror," as I've said many times, is a war on civilization, including ours. Many have pointed out that if all the energy that has gone into these orgies of pure destruction had been applied to constructive ends, the global physical economy, including Kentucky's electrical grid, would be in far better shape. This is no accident.