Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buffet parrots "free market" propaganda

"Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Billionaire Warren Buffett said the economy will be 'in shambles' for the rest of this year as financial firms take losses tied to reckless loans made during the housing boom."

from Buffett Says Economy Will Be ‘In Shambles’ for 2009

Such statements from "trustworthy market experts" (a status proven by their vast wealth or job title) serve several purposes, none good. For one, they reinforce the notion that even the best of solutions will take a long time to show results, thus explaining why conditions continue to deteriorate "despite" their "best efforts" (when in fact they are deliberately causing conditions to deteriorate). Another is that it gives the images of such soothsayers a coat of whitewash, because their roles (not necessarily direct) in causing the economic disaster are assiduously hidden, even as they gain notoriety for predicting the bad conditions that will continue to worsen if they continue to get their way. By having one of a gaggle of such "experts" parrot such statements on a periodic basis, the public is brainwashed into believing that it must be right, since so many "experts" can't be wrong, or they wouldn't tell such big lies.

LaRouche, on the other hand, tells us exactly what's wrong, and how to fix it quickly. He makes it sound so simple, and I suppose it is to him. The challenge is to get the traitors such as Plastic Pelosi and Fannie Frank out of Congress so that it can implement LaRouche's recommendations.