Monday, February 2, 2009

Evidence of planned war crimes

"If in this war some 1,300 men, women, and children were killed, the great majority of whom were not fighters; if about 5,000 people were injured, most of them children; if some 2,500 homes were partly or wholly destroyed; if the infrastructure of life was totally demolished – all this clearly could not have happened accidentally. It must have been a part of the war plan.

"The things said during the war by politicians and officers make it clear that the plan had at least two aims, which might be considered war crimes: (1) To cause widespread killing and destruction, in order to "fix a price tag," "to burn into their consciousness," "to reinforce deterrence," and most of all – to get the population to rise up against Hamas and overthrow their government. Clearly this affects mainly the civilian population. (2) To avoid casualties to our army at (literally) any price by destroying any building and killing any human being...."

The Black Flag Is Waving by Uri Avnery

The article goes on to discuss the "fundamentalist religious" doctrine which supposedly motivates such hideous deeds, but those familiar with my outlook realize that it's just another mask for Satan. Avnery's call for war-crimes trials indicates that he has good motivations, but is either unwilling or unable to expose the actual, purely evil motives. This was not a war; it was large-scale, advanced Satanism/SRA (deliberate cruelty) - a crime against humanity which sometimes resembles a war.