Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Israeli elections": vying to be Satan's prime minister

Anyone who cares to think about "Israel's" recent actions and statements will probably come to the conclusion that there is little correspondence between the two. Even after the recent "Israeli" war-crimes binge in Gaza, Hamas supposedly continues to lob its pathetic rockets into "Israel," and "Israel" is threatening a "disproportionate" response. as if what they've already done wasn't wildly disproportionate, or sufficiently criminal. (Note that Israel is essentially admitting to planning a war crime, as if it's a virtue. Is the next batch of budding Satanists from the settlements ready to go, after joining the IDF and playing video games which simulate the murder of children?)

If Hamas cared about the Palestinian people, instead of being collaborators with "Israel" in its attempt to start a global conflagration which Jack the Imp and Holy Pat will attempt to fob off as the prelude to Heaven on Earth, they would stop sending their sad hobby-rockets over the border. But, considering that they called the recent rape of Gaza a "great victory" (supposedly the mere fact that they survived, which I predicted, by the way - "Israel" needs it to "justify" further binges of advanced Satanism/SRA, and to provoke the entire planet as part of its mission to "fulfill Apocalyptic prophecy"), don't bet on it.