Wednesday, March 4, 2009

British PM holds "free trade" revival in Congress

WASHINGTON (AP) — British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Wednesday called on Americans to look up from their own tumbling financial markets to see a world gripped by an "economic hurricane" that could be turned around with U.S. help.
"Should we succumb to a race to the bottom and a protectionism that history tells us that, in the end, protects no one?" Brown asked members of the House and Senate. "No," he declared.

from Britain's Brown warns US against protectionism

Well, unless they happen to be protecting the financial oligarchy with trillions of dollars in exchange for gambling IOUs, that is. Brown's main objection is to protecting the independent nation-state capable of protecting mankind from Satan's British Empire (i.e. the gang of Synarchist financiers holed up in the City of London) and fostering a good standard of living. The bail-out of the bottomless Titanic banking-system is actually the final phase of "free trade," which is economic warfare against mankind. It consists of sucking vast amounts of money backed by real wealth out of the real economy, and pumping it into the oligarchy's imploding mountain of worthless paper created over the last few decades through accounting wizardry. In other words, we're exchanging real assets for fictitious wealth which consists of numbers on paper or in computer memory. The more we bail it out, the worse the economy will get. This is precisely why the bubble was created. Take your choice: either Plastic Nancy (who arranged for Brown's appearance before a joint session of Congress) hits the bricks, or your children will have no future.