Monday, March 30, 2009

George Soros: The "thrill" of being evil (Rev A)

Rev A - Added note at end

from George Soros Says His Days Working for Nazis were "Exhilarating":

March 29, 2009 (LPAC)--George Soros gave an interview to The Times, published today, reconfirming everything about his true character as reported by LaRouchePAC.

The Times interview begins: "George Soros was 13 when the Nazis invaded his homeland of Hungary. As a Jew, he was forced to adopt a false identity and live separately from his parents in Budapest. Instead of being traumatized by the experience, though, he found the danger exhilarating. 'It was high adventure,' he says, 'like living through Raiders of the Lost Ark.' "

[end of excerpt]

I'm sure a lot of Satanists feel that way about being part of an "occult conspiracy." These monumental suckers wouldn't know occultism if it bit them on the nose, because Satanism is a joke played on psychopathic imbeciles by black magicians (probably in league with possessed individuals, who would naturally seek to advance Satan's highest priority: hijacking souls), designed to trick them into becoming Satan's puppets. ("Possession is nine-tenths of the law." "The law" = 33 36.) Their required slavishness to their "superiors" is just a foreshadowing of this utter loss of power. Even if they don't become possessed, the bill for their "exhilarating adventure" in The Hotel California [33 60 88] will be presented upon check-out. The thrill will suddenly be replaced by the horror.

Note - I included the statement "possession is nine-tenths of the law" at the spur of the moment as its significance occurred to me in the course of ranting about George Soros and other agents of Satan. Upon further reflection, it occurred to me that "nine-tenths" is probably an arbitrary figure not based on actual legal analysis, indicating that there were probably additional numerical hints in the statement. I found that there are:
A) "Possession" itself converts to 150, which converts to 6.
B) "Nine" converts to 42, which converts to 6, which is "9" rotated 180 degrees.
C) "Tenths" converts to 66, meaning that "nine tenths" converts to 666.

So, if nothing else, this cliché is an exercise in seeing how man "occult" numbers can be woven into a few words. But it was most likely meant as a means of waving one of the biggest secrets on Earth under our noses, and those of Satanists, without anyone being the wiser.