Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Israel" plans new war-crimes/Satanism spree

"JERUSALEM – Prime Minister Ehud Olmert threatened painful retaliation against Gaza militants Sunday for rockets still hitting Israel, six weeks after its military halted an offensive that was supposed to have stopped them for good."

from Israeli leader vows 'painful' response to rockets

Wrong - it was never intended to stop the rocket attacks, which "Israel" wants because they cause negligible death and destruction and provide it with a pretext to launch Satanism-sprees into Palestinian territory. (A large portion of "Israel's" entire population is slated for slaughter as part of the fake "Apocalypse," so clearly the deaths of a few due to hobby-rockets wouldn't concern the monsters in Tel Aviv.) Such invasions are intended as large-scale, high-intensity Satanism, and as a means of provoking the next act in the "Apocalypse." (Note "Israel's" constant threats of attacking Iran, because Iran can't prove that it DOESN'T have nuclear weapons - which is impossible, and the same brand of "logic" used to "justify" the invasion of Iraq.)

As LaRouche constantly reminds us, the solution is to expose the British puppet-masters behind the hard-core players in the conflict, and force these discredited players out of positions of authority. Then the "Israeli" cancer, consisting largely of settlement-related activity (various froms of Satanism/SRA, including the displacement of Palestinians), can be halted, and Hamas' silly rocket attacks, which are intended to provide "Israel" with a pretext to invade Gaza, can be stopped. It is gratifying to see that our new Secretary of State is trying to improve the conditions of Palestinian life, so that Hamas' rabid "Islamic militant" cartoon-characters will no longer have a pretext for launching their toy rockets at "Israel." No wonder Rabid Rush is in such a tizzy.