Friday, March 20, 2009

Measly bonuses are "outrageous," but trillion-dollar purchases of financial garbage are "essential"

March 20, 2009 (LPAC) -- In its lead editorial, "Bold Bernanke leads by example," the Financial Times praises the U.S. Fed's recent decision to let it rip with hyper-inflationary money printing--admitting that "the policy may have been inspired by the example of the UK." Now the Treasury has to follow suit, and provide "the funds for a SERIOUS bank rescue. Lawmakers should not let outrage over bonuses stand in the way of essential action," they warn. [emphasis added for SFA blog]

from London Financial Times Eggs U.S. On To Self-Destruct

So, 10 TRILLION BUCKS or so isn't "serious?" Exactly what do their lordships consider serious? Let's hear it - let's have some of that transparency they demand so frequently of others. OK, forget that, and accept the fact that LaRouche has been right, and continues to be right. What they mean by "serious" is on the order of a MILLION BILLION buckaroos! It's going to be fun watching Fannie Frank justify, say, the tenth "serious bailout" bill he'll try to push down our throats.

"Essential?" For what? For destroying civilization, that's what! As LaRouche warned over a year ago, stop these GD bailouts - they're the CAUSE of the sudden economic lockup! Tell the bankers that their gambling debts are worth no more than Joe Schmoe's gambling debts, even if they do have several more digits. GAMBLING PRODUCES NO VALUE, and that's essentially how the bankers created the bottomless pits of financial garbage we're trying to turn into gold.