Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Media creates disconnect between bailout and destruction of real economy

"Is the President prepared to squander another $6 trillion in taxpayers money over the period between now and April 15? That is what the plan announced yesterday by Secretary Geithner is going to mean."

from LaRouche: Why President Obama's Popularity has Suddenly Collapsed

The simple fact is that the bailout is transferring value out of the real economy into the financial garbage which is being "saved." It isn't being saved - it never LOST much value because it never HAD much (or any) value. It is merely being brought out in the open for the first time, after being assiduously hidden by almost everyone except LaRouche, as it grew to its mind-boggling proportions, and SAID to be "at risk." How can nothing, or next to nothing, be at risk (except of exposure)? It's a total sham!

This is why the real economy continues to collapse as this process occurs. It is being caused by the bailout, but all the thieves behind the bailout, who control the media, want us to believe that the economy is crashing because of some mysterious independent factor, such as confidence, and that the bailout will make things better eventually, but that it's going to take time to take effect. But in fact, IT'S ALREADY TAKING EFFECT - IT'S DESTROYING THE ECONOMY. The latest installment, announced Monday, amounts to another 6 TRILLION DOLLARS of money sucked from the real economy. For the time being, it's just treason, but it will soon be murder, literally. No amount of plastic surgery will remove that stain from Pelosi's hands.