Sunday, March 8, 2009

Media's black-propagandists churn our comforting BS-blizzards

"But the economy always recovers. It runs in cycles, and economists are watching an array of statistics, some of them buried deep beneath the headlines, to spot the turning point."

from When economy bottoms out, how will we know?

So, go back to sleep, while we prepare the coup de grace for the US and civilization in general, and prepare a fascist hell based partly on lessons learned at Gitmo and similar R&D labs for spiritual torture, as the Fundies cheer it on in the belief that it constitutes the fulfillment of prophecy and the inauguration of Christ's supposed Earthly kingdom of contented cattle.

I recommend this article as a prime example of "economic" BS which has been spewing in record amounts from the British Empire's disinformation mills. It's a sad commentary on our educational system that such nauseating tripe passes for economic reporting.

To answer the question posed by the headline: we'll know when the economy has hit bottom when LaRouche's ideas are implemented, or when Earth's population is reduced to below 1 billion. In the latter case, it will hit bottom, and stay there.