Saturday, March 14, 2009

Senator Grassley: Government incapable of implementing Constitution

Senator Grassley was shown on NBC Nightly News on March 14th saying that government doesn't create wealth, but just expends wealth. He seems to be getting his talking points from the American Enterprise Institute, which strives to obscure the connection between good macroeconomic ideas and progress (even as other flavors of British policy pushers feverishly work to foist bad macroeconomic ideas, such as the Soylent Green economy, on us), and to convince us that the selfish, short-sighted activity of the population is the font of economic growth (the basic idea behind Satanist Bernard Mandeville's "Fable of the Bees"). Some AEI-allied pundits say that WWII ended the depression, which makes me wonder whether they've ever seen photos of postwar Europe. Some of the research that went into the war effort made major contributions to the peacetime economy, but to try to justify all-out war because it suddenly reduces unemployment is insane.

Grassley should spare us the simplistic "free enterprise" bromides and read the Preamble of the Constitution, especially the General Welfare clause, which he is sworn to uphold. If sound macroeconomic ideas were implemented, the world would be stunned by the resulting improvement in the global standard of living, and we could finally put an end to London's reign of terror disguised as the Apocalypse.