Thursday, March 26, 2009

Without stimulus package, we'd be living in potholes

"Shanty towns and tent cities are popping up across the country as the U.S. economy worsens, but, The New York Times reports, they are not just emerging in big urban areas, but also in smaller towns."

from Tent cities pop up in small towns as well as big

"As the economy worsens?" Wait a minute - what about Obama's enormous stimulus package? What about the bank rescue? Oh, that's right - they're "going to take a while to take effect." (If pressed for an explanation, they'd say that it's already helping, because things would be a lot worse without it. Again, just take their word for it.) The obvious causal link between sucking money out of the economy several thousand billion dollars at a time to give to financiers to pay off gambling debts (which never had any value, or at least anything near their nominal value) which are supposedly crucial to the physical economy for some mysterious reason, and the resulting lack of money for anything else, such as highly efficient and safe nuclear power plants and maglev rail systems, couldn't POSSIBLY have anything to do with it.