Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What does Dow's rise prove?

The media have been getting all hot and bothered over the 3/23/09 500-point DJIA jump, as if it's some sort of evidence that draining the real, productive economy in order to spend trillions of dollars on the Worthless Asset Relief Plan (WARP) COULD help the real economy. (Note the timing - a day or so after the arrival of Spring.)

But what in fact caused this jump? The following quote from an article by EIR's financial specialist John Hoefle explains:

"Because it contains just 30 stocks, the Dow is also relatively easy to manipulate, and the Plunge Protection Team has intervened with increasing frequency when sharp declines threaten to escalate into major panics. Though its actions are semi-secret, the Plunge Team's interventions are easily spotted by the classic "V" pattern in which the market plunges during the morning, then suddenly rebounds sharply during the afternoon."

from Two Years Into the Worst Financial Crash in History

In other words, a small amount of money is fed into the few stocks that make up the DJIA, and voila!, "economic recovery," just in time to "prove" that something that could not possibly help is supposedly helping. Are we going to take this stealing and lying, lying down?