Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheney gang terrorizes NYC (again) to announce next phase of the "Apocalypse"

"New Yorkers were justifiably panicked this week when an Air Force One backup plane flew low over downtown Manhattan, and the federal government anticipated such a response."

from Feds Knew Air Force One Flight Would Frighten NYC, Threatened Sanctions

This has Cheney's fingerprints, through his stay-behind networks in the military, all over it. According to the Today Show for 4/29/09, the orders for the secrecy came from the military, but not even Secretary of Defense Gates knew about it in advance. I can't find an reference to that statement on the Today Show's website, but I suppose it will become more widely reported soon. Someone in the military was quoted as calling the mission "hush hush," which is interesting because "hush" converts to 56, which converts to 11, the number of black magic. So, "hush hush" would be "11 11." I might be reading more into that statement than was intended, but I just thought it was interesting in light of the culprits who are probably behind the operation: the Blair-Cheney "Armageddon" gang. The fact that the right-wing talking heads are already blaming "the White House" is further evidence that this is the case.

But the flyover's main significance, in my opinion, is that it constituted an echo of 9/11, on 4/27/2009 or "4/9/11," and it occurred just shortly after Blair staged a "clash of fundamentalisms" revival in Chicago (covered in an earlier entry in this blog) one day before the new Moon, followed by massive suicide-bombings two days later in Iraq, one day AFTER the new Moon. On top of that, the news reported that the economy had contracted "more than expected" (i.e. by the media's "economics"-pundits who tried to give us the impression that the bailout/bleed-out was reviving the economy). Those who pay attention to LaRouche and his associates weren't surprised in the least by this "news."

By the way, I recently saw an ad on TV by a Fundy church, which alluded to the Fundy belief that all of the troubles lately are aspects of the Apocalypse, and that better times are coming. In other words, they want people to just sit back and let the world go to Hell, believing that Jesus Christ will return physically, destroy evil, and create a world order in which he rules over a vast herd of contented human cattle - a throwback to the sentient-soul stage of consciousness. This is intended to get us to go along with the destruction of civilization, which will be replaced by a fascist Hades on Earth designed to reduce mankind to cattle FOREVER, and prevent us from becoming what God hopes we will become through the exercise of free will.