Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Contradictory economic messages

Now that "glimmer of hope" is at the end of a long, dark tunnel. The point of these contradictory messages, which are apparently the product of a virulent disinformation campaign, is to convince us that those who see this glimmer are realistic and that we should "stay the course" because it's supposedly working, but will take a long time, and of course things will always get worse before they will supposedly get better. (They're hinting that things will "have to" get worse than most people can imagine before they will allow things to get better.) The only "evidence" I've seen for this "glimmer" claim consists of transitory statistics which were probably manufactured or carefully selected, and statements from authority figures which boil down to "trust us." Sorry, I ran out of trust long ago - show me the physical products, such as vast amounts of cleanly-generated electricity, or progress toward a realistic modern transportation system which doesn't reduce many people to machines for much of their lives.