Friday, April 24, 2009

Court case over strip searches: Satanism on parade in disguise, again

After further reflection upon the Supreme Court case regarding the legality of strip-searching students for drugs, it appears to be another case of Satanism being waved under our noses in order to gloat over our obliviousness to its very existence. Inflicting SRA under the cover of some beneficial and/or necessary activity is a standard formula for committing Satanism in plain sight, and has resulted in such things as the "war" in Iraq and war crimes in the name of fighting terrorism.

Some of the evidence for this conclusion comes in the form of key terms which convert to "occult" numbers. For example, note that the incident supposedly occurred at a school named Safford Middle School, which just happens to convert to 69 47 72, which easily convert to a variety of "occult" numbers, such as 66 (rotate the 9) 11 (add 4 and 7) and 6 (add 7 and 2, rotate the result by 180 degrees), yielding 11 666. The search was done by "the school nurse," i.e. 33 72 77, which easily converts to the "magical" 9 11. Furthermore, while searching for details on the story, I found the following:

"YOUR TURN: Strip-searches in middle school — what do you think?

The justices probably won’t rule until June. But you don’t have to wait until school is out to weigh in. Whether you’re a student, parent, administrator, taxpayer or someone simply interested in compelling debates, tell us what you think about this conundrum."

[end of excerpt]

"This conundrum" struck me as one of the supposedly simply inappropriate word-choices which are actually intended to be converted to numbers, so I did, and it just happens to convert to 56 123, i.e. 11 6. So, this poll is intended to allow Satanists to gloat over how clueless we are about what is being perpetrated right in plain sight - SRA, in this case in the form of child molestation. The school nurse is at the very least a child molester, and very likely a Satanist.