Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have black sites outlived their usefulness, or gone deeper underground?

WASHINGTON -- The Central Intelligence Agency announced on Thursday that it will no longer use contractors to conduct interrogations, and that it is decommissioning the secret overseas sites where for years it held high-level Al Qaeda prisoners.

from C.I.A. Closing Secret Overseas Sites for Terror Detainees

Either the CIA is lying about this, or the black sites have outlived their usefulness as venues for semi-advanced SRA. (Note the Obama administration's policy of amnesty for war criminals.) Perhaps the latest batch of recruits to Satan's menagerie of puppets has either become "enlightened" (demonically possessed, or, in Triangles-speak, "lighted" [65=11]), or they've had to move on to outright torture in some brutal dictatorship set up by the CIA where "torture happens," because they need stronger medicine to "counter" their "resistance" to possession.

By the way, note that "contractors" just happens to convert to 146, which converts to 11, the number of black magic. Because of the secrecy surrounding the black sites, these "contractors" could be anyone, and chances are that they're just any Satanists who have graduated to that level of SRA and were flown to the black site. After all, consider the reports of detainees at Gitmo being confronted with male and female guards having sex, which reflects the Satanist sexual "morality" of cultivating machine-like abandon to sexual impulses, as a means of inducing so-called "Jupiter man" possession which imparts the mindset of Nietzsche's "superman" and sets the stage for the pursuit of SRA.