Sunday, April 26, 2009

Iraq bombings closely follow Blair "clash of fundamentalisms" revival-speech

[April 23rd] Tony Blair has said he does not regret leading Britain to war in Iraq when he was Prime Minister and has called on the world to take on and defeat Islamic extremists. He believes that, without intervention, the problem will continue to grow in countries such as Afghanistan.

He called for a battle to be waged against militant Islam similar to that fought against revolutionary communism.

from Tony Blair calls on world to wage war on militant Islam

[April 25th] "BAGHDAD -- Two bombers detonated suicide vests outside a gold-domed shrine Friday and killed at least 71 people, raising the toll in two days of attacks on Shiite Muslims in Iraq to 159 and reviving fears of a return to sectarian war."

from Iraq suicide bombings: 2 blasts kill scores in Iraq

Note that these two events "straddled" the new Moon.