Thursday, April 2, 2009

More significant numbers found in "90% of law" cliche

In my previous blog-entry entitled George Soros: The "thrill" of being evil, I indicated that "possession is nine tenths of the law" is actually an encoded admission of Satanism's darkest secret. Further consideration revealed yet additional "occult" numbers woven into this statement.

Nine-tenths expressed as a percentage (in a form that can be converted to numbers) is either "90 percent" or "ninety percent." 90 contains many significant numbers, and "ninety" converts to 87, then 15, then 6. "Percent" converts to 81, which is a rich source of "magical" numbers.
It is so frustrating to know that this was the actual intent behind the statement, disguised by layer upon layer of ambiguity, without being able to prove it to anyone else. All I can do is point to the sheer number of "coincidences" within such a short statement, combined with the word "possession," and conclude that it's extremely unlikely that the original intent was anything else. Of course, it helped to have known that the main purpose of Satanism is to facilitate possession in its adherents. Furthermore, it's unlikely that it was cooked up by anyone other than someone who knew, and wanted to wave it under our noses without us smelling a thing.