Sunday, April 5, 2009

N Korean missile strikes intended target: economic cooperation

SEOUL, Apr 6, 2009 (Asia In Focus via COMTEX) -- South Korean President Lee Myung-bak said Monday that his country would take firm and stern measures against North Korea's launch of a rocket, calling it a "reckless act" that threatened the peace and stability of the world. "North Korea's reckless act that threatens regional and global security cannot be justified under any circumstances," the president said in his bi-weekly radio address.

from South Korean leader vows to act against North Korea over rocket

HONG KONG--US Senator John McCain appealed Monday to China and Russia to back punitive sanctions against North Korea for its rocket launch, after the UN Security Council failed to agree on a response.

from McCain urges sanctions vs N. Korea

I don't know who really pulls the strings of the Neanderthals running that simulation of Hades known as North Korea, but their recent stunt with a missile certainly was convenient for the British, probably wanted to revive the cold war between the North and the South in order to sabotage a critical section of the Eurasian Land Bridge, which is critical for global economic development. Some would have us believe that the launch is evidence that NK has nukes, or will soon have them, but once again, they fail to mention that the leaders aren't so insane that they would launch a nuke-tipped missile against the US. Perhaps an ancillary goal is to provide an excuse to blame N Korea if and when there is a nuclear explosion in the US.