Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obama Administration adds insult to economic injury

from How Badly Have the Kooks Brainwashed the President?

April 10, 2009 (LPAC)--Sources close to the Obama White House have confirmed that the network of "behavioral economists" identified in the current issue of TIME magazine, have moved quickly, through aid of Larry Summers and other top Obama economic advisors, to "fill the vacuum" and assume a dominant position as major policy advisors to the President. According to one source, "they have moved into the vacuum in the same way that the neocons moved into the policy vacuum at the beginning of the Bush Administration in 2001." The problem, another source elaborated, "is that President Obama really believes in this stuff. It is generational. From the time of the late Boomers, through to the present generation, behavioral scientists have run amok, and have penetrated the entire culture, to a frightening extent. It was a conscious deployment."

[end of excerpt]

"Behavioral economists?" This is a bad joke - anything to hide the fact that it's fascism, for which "behavioral modification" is an apt euphemism. (Think "concentration camp.") If they want to fill the vacuum, they should just drill holes in their skulls.