Sunday, April 5, 2009

Obama revives "nuclear disarmament" fantasy

PRAGUE – Declaring it "matters to all people everywhere," President Barack Obama promised on Sunday to lead the world into a nuclear-free future, giving a hawkish edge to a peacenik pursuit even as North Korea upstaged him with the launch of a long-range rocket that theoretically could carry a warhead.

from Obama outlines sweeping goal of nuclear-free world

This is right up there with expecting Iran and North Korea to prove they don't have any nukes, even as the "Armageddon" lobby constantly invents "evidence" that they do (a failed missile launch hardly proves that they could mount a nuke on one). The fact is that in the early 80s LaRouche proposed a defense system capable of neutralizing nuclear weapons, which would have involved creating advanced technologies with applications in industry. But the descendants of the diabolical and hypocritical Bertrand Russell (whose symbol for "nuclear disarmament" just happened to be the same as the Isis Cross, a.k.a. the "peace symbol," the symbol for the witch-Cult of Isis), who want to keep us in a state of nuclear terror and "thin out the herd," ganged up on LaRouche and railroaded him into prison with pathetic "evidence" in a kangaroo court.

We live in the physical world, Mr. President, not in your fantasy-land where hugging monsters transforms them into saints, and life here is getting pretty bleak, thanks to your economic policies.