Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama's reprieve for Satanists, who now mock us, for now

Well, I suppose the President would tell his critics that they would do the same thing in his position, because of the target which each President has painted on his back for the benefit of CIA assassins (character and physical).

But the supposed secret memos released struck me as something entirely different - just another bunch of tongue-in-cheek disinformation from the CIA's dark side, designed to subtly hint that the so-called "interrogations" were actually Satanism/SRA (i.e. repetitive/routine gratuitous cruelty), while gloating over our obliviousness to its very existence. For example, did the British soldier photographed beating a prisoner in 2004 get nailed, or was his "interrogation tactic" approved by "the adults" [33 77, or 110] of the Blair/Cheney Gang?

This flurry of articles also struck me as yet another attempt to provoke the world against us by reminding it of the crimes which Bush's successor has just pardoned.

Note that the above title uses the term "reprieve" - they'll eventually get what's coming to them when they keel over and find themselves in a world where they don't subtly control the "justice" system.