Thursday, May 21, 2009

Disguises used for the Devil's agenda

Again, the essence of Ahriman's artificial "Apocalypse" is the creation of a fascist Hades on Earth, disguised up to a point as the fulfillment of the Christian Fundamentalist interpretation of Apocalyptic prophecy.  In other parts of the world, a similar interpretation tailored to the mainstream religious belief is imposed on this orgy of pure destruction, in order to gain support for the local British stooges running the Apocalypse show.

However, another cover story is also being used, and this is so-called "environmentalism."  Most recently, it is known as "Going Green" (=101, a number which combines 11, i.e. black magic, with a sort of pictogram for the Devil), or going Soylent Green, which consists partly of allowing the existing major infrastructure to collapse and replacing it with no-maintenance dark-age infrastructure for the rulers of Satan's fascist kingdom.  At the same time, it throttles production by imposing limits upon CO2 emissions, while simultaneously stifling the use of nuclear energy and truly efficient and safe modes of transport, such as maglev high-speed intercity rail and light rail which wouldn't lose traction in the coming ice age.

The ultimate evil of this agenda is epitomized by Dark Dick's defense of the spiritual murder known as "enhanced interrogation."  There is no room on this planet for government support of dungeons where anyone, no matter how evil, is tormented for the purpose of driving the human spirit out of the world.  

Congress' recent refusal to provide funds to close the outpost of Hades in Cuba known as Guantanamo, in my opinion, was intended as yet another nail in the coffin of its inmates' remaining hope, and as such was actually part of the torment scripted by the Devil's henchmen in the CIA's dark side, and a means to prevent us from learning the identity of the Satanists involved in the ritual of torment.