Saturday, May 30, 2009

Establishment "economics reporting" designed to confuse

A couple of recent articles from the mainstream media are good examples of "behavioral economics," which is evidently a matter of manipulating people into desired behavior (such as cutting medical care in order to divert more money from the economy into the financial black hole created by bankers' gambling) through economic disinformation and confusion.  

The closest thing to useful information in this article is the following passage:

"Some cities — Las Vegas, Phoenix, Fort Myers are good examples — hitched their floats to housing bubbles and got caught up in development that depended largely on, well, development itself, rather than sustainable, scalable, productive industry, economic analysts say."

Some cities?  Try "the entire planet."  That in a nutshell IS the global economic crisis, and one of truth-bits sprinkled sparingly throughout the article to give it some credibility. 

The article predicts a future in which the world is different, but not alarmingly so, and offers "solutions" which are based on lies about the nature of the crisis.  It even includes a reference to cartoons, which is probably a hint that its anecdotes and predictions are just about as meaningful.  But what strikes me is its almost total lack of connection to the typical "green economy" bilge, indicating that Establishment economic "theories" don't have to have any consistency because they aren't grounded in reality, but in lies.

The net effect of the articles is to give the impression that there's really nothing to worry about, since "The question is whether the Sun Belt will show the rest of the nation how to retool schools, save water and energy, and better plan its suburbs and exurbs in an era of less."  

I suppose that such "economists" are counting on the outbreak of nuclear war to explain in retrospect why the future turned out to be so much worse than they predicted.  Bibi, one of the leading "Jewish" Nazis, is chomping at the bit to start one on the "basis" that Iran can't prove it doesn't have nukes, and of course, that it will force God to keep His side of the prophecy-contract and send the Messiah (as if the Nazis aren't actually trying to bring about a fascist world order ruled by Satan's "bad robots").