Sunday, May 31, 2009

"Free market economists'" last hurls

In the previous blog entry, I implied the existence of multiple articles written around the lie that the same economists who deliberately got us into this crisis are going to get us out, and that we don't have to do anything, such as purge Pres. Obama's staff of Nazi advisors and force him to adopt LaRouche's policies, to avoid a Nazi-controlled dark age.   At the time, I had only glanced at a much longer article entitled  How the Crash Will Reshape America   which was mentioned in the first article, and after reading it, I stand by my statements in that entry.   Like the first, it does contain a few truthful passages (near the end) to give it some credibility, but they essentially contradict the rest of the article, which generally considers creativity to be good, but industry and production to be a relic of the past.  The article is most notable for what it doesn't mention, such as the ongoing bleed-out of the real economy (in the form of diverting medical-care funds into the financial black hole created by the "free market") and the "green" economy which is essentially a matter of allowing the economy to collapse and preparing for a fascist dark age where there will be no civilization capable of maintaining anything, other than polishing solar cells and oiling windmills.  

Each instance of this type of article is based upon its own set of false constructs, and is thus inconsistent with the rest.  But this is part of the strategy of leaving us confused and paralyzed while mocking our ignorance.