Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pres. Obama as an unwitting Trojan Horse for Nazism

As I believe I've stated previously, it is becoming undeniable that the ongoing "economic recovery" is actually a continuation of the "free trade" economic warfare which has brought the world economy to its current precarious state.  The only things that have changed are the rhetoric and the phase of the plan, which has gone from the bubble-creation stage to the bubble-maintenance stage in which the government bleeds the real economy in order to preserve the bubble.  

Now we are entering the next phase, in which people will be sacrificed on an escalating basis in order to save the sacred bubble.  This more frankly Nazi phase is unfolding right under our noses without us noticing because we've been lulled to sleep by the election of Barack Obama, the supposed anti-Bush.  The resulting chaos will be interpreted by Fundies as additional signs of the Apocalypse - a supposedly good thing since it will supposedly be followed by the physical return of Christ and the conversion of the planet to a giant pasture where mankind can contentedly graze with the restored Temple glistening in the distance and holding evil at bay.  In fact, Christ will not return physically, but just spiritually in a reversal of the Ascension, a spiritual event which the Apostles witnessed clairvoyantly.  Christ had a unique mode of manifestation after the Resurrection which could simulate a physical body, even without the existence of a normal physical body, and the Ascension was a matter of ascending to a very high spiritual level for some reason which I don't know.  He has since about 1930 descended to the etheric plane and has been appearing to people in the form of regular people, sometimes in hundred or thousands of places at once.  

So, Christ, whom the Bible even quotes as saying "my kingdom is not of this realm," is not going to return, take control and banish evil (this bogus claim is intended to get us to go along with "the Apocalypse"), and the plunge into Hades will not be stopped unless we first expose the Orwellian terminology for it as the big lie it is.