Saturday, May 9, 2009

War on Terra-ism shows its true colors, again

Tens of thousands of Pakistani civilians in the Swat valley have been trapped amid fighting between government forces and the Taliban.
The crisis has been intensified by other aid groups halting their work in the face of the fighting.

"A week ago we had to suspend our services due to growing insecurity which has left large numbers of the population without the necessary medical care at a time of dire crisis...."

[end of excerpt]

To understand the actual purpose of such attacks on civilians in the guise of attacking enemy forces, I recommend Strategic Bombing" - More Lessons from the Fascists, a section of  The Shaping of the Anglo-American SS by War..  It's a combination of SRA and the Eighth Sphere agenda - a sort of Guantanamo without the pretext of interrogation.  The following is an excerpt from that section:

For the purpose of Reesian "strategic bombing" is, after all, to create a completely controlled environment in which Anglo-American SS defines all responses of the survivors of its terror bombing attacks (e.g. general nuclear war):

The main psychological effects are defeatism, depression, despair, fear, helplessness, fatalism, and apathy. The popular notion that bombing stiffens the resistance of a people finds little confirmation in the facts of German experience. [end of excerpt - 2nd paragraph corrected here and on line - contained spurious phrase between "finds" and "little"]

Rudolf Steiner indicated that "fatalism" is an indication of the mindset desired by those behind the 8th Sphere agenda.