Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Madoff sentenced, so now civilization can collapse

Civilization might be on the verge of collapse due to the actions and inactions of our government over the last 50 years, but at least we nailed the Source of All Evil before it could happen. What we won't see is the part where he's released from prison just before all the rest of the prisoners are released, and flown off to the British-controlled offshore financial center where his true allegiance lies, as a reward for taking the fall for Satan's British empire.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Long overdue reflections on "Emily Rose"

I finally had the opportunity and inclination to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which to my surprise is an excellent movie because it is so perfectly done in every aspect [at least from my amateur perspective] and so believable. I am also wiling to accept that it was an accurate account of actual events, but I contend that either the actual events or the movie was at some level intended to deceive us about the nature of the typical persistent forms of Satanic possession, or even to convince us that possession is a myth because so few of us have any first-hand evidence of the phenomenon depicted in the movie. (This is what I describe as "relegating it to the Twilight Zone.") Just ask yourself how a form of possession such as the one depicted in the movie would serve Satan's purposes. I'd say not very well.

Actual possession for the most part is typically very subtle and far more destructive. Satan's overarching goal is to serve the Devil's agenda of driving the human spirit out of the world (while Lucifer strives to lure it out by tempting us to escape into a fantasy-world), and this is best done by manipulating mankind into self-destructive behavior on a large scale, such as by becoming a globally acknowledged "expert" on "global warming" and telling gargantuan lies, knowing that they could kill billions of people. Then there are apparently forms of possession which produce something like a Ted Bundy who is driven to prey on humans; but then Bundy was also active in politics, indicating a possible mass-murder agenda in addition to literal hands-on serial murdering. Someone suffering from a form of possession resembling that depicted in the movie is hardly likely to do much more than get locked up or killed.

Then there's the matter of Satan's intense desire to conceal the sorts of activity (SRA) which are intended to lead to Satanic possession, and which I assume are effective in many cases because of the evidence that such activity has continued over the course of hundreds of years. It is possible that Emily Rose became possessed spontaneously due to a wide array of factors, but based on my reading of the works of Rudolf Steiner, this is a rare occurrence. (If it were frequent, then there would be no need for the soul-trap known as Satanism.) It is also possible that the particular entity which had taken possession purposely drove her to behave in a manner intended to deceive us about the nature of possession.

So, at some level, the movie was in my opinion intended to distract us from the true nature of the forms of possession which serve Satan's agenda, and how they develop. It is possible that God, in this case through St. Mary, used this deception as claimed in the movie: to serve as evidence that the spiritual world exists and influences events in the physical world.

If you're in the mood for a truly chilling and enigmatic movie, you can't do much better than this one.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Recent Iraq bombings: Any excuse will do

"On Wednesday, four days after the last American base in Sadr City closed, a bomb hidden on a motorcycle cart killed at least 76 people and wounded more than 150 in a market in the neighborhood. On Thursday, at least seven bombs exploded around the country in what appeared to be a message from extremists days before the deadline."

I'm not sure what the NY Times means by "extremists," but I suspect the group behind the bombings is the same group that was behind the horrible torture-murders which occurred in areas controlled by US forces, and were chalked up to "sectarian violence": i.e. the "sect" known as Satanism, which revels in extreme violence (see Satan on War). From my perspective, these recent bombings are just more Satanist terrorism in service of the 8th Sphere agenda of creating Hades on Earth and driving the human spirit away from Earth into the 8th Sphere. Satanism's other main agenda - ultimately demonic possession [1] - requires a more "hands on" sort of violence, such as the aforementioned hideous deeds, after long preparation through less hideous deeds, such as "enhanced interrogation." Faceless "blind terrorism" is more a hallmark of the Devil (and his British empire that controls the media which feeds us "explanations"), who runs the 8S agenda through Satan and Lucifer, the Devil's "horns." The typical "explanations" for the bombings are just cover stories to conceal the very existence of such motives and of the "supermen," distinguished by their cowardice and heartlessness, who are behind such atrocities (typically dirty Special [65>11/black magic] Forces-type operatives using unwitting natives to deliver their bombs). The US has created the Iraqi Special Operations Force which proudly refers to itself as the "dirty brigade," or something similar, and which is known for its random unjustified brutality, and it's possible that it is behind these bombings. (As they stand up, we'll stand down, indeed.)

The continuation of such bombings despite apparent signs that conditions should be improving is probably calculated to create hopelessness in the populace. The same strategy is apparently at work at Guantanamo, where the captives have had their hopes built up and dashed time and time again.


[1] Demonic possession appears to be reserved mainly for men, whereas it appears that women are typically limited to a form of possession that gives them a contemptuous "Nietzschean superman" attitude toward people (as opposed to a compulsion to be as cruel as possible while still getting away with it). However, I suppose it's possible to be a Satanist and to help destroy civilization without being possessed, although I imagine that being possessed provides opportunities for advancement within the organization.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

DC Metro Crash's interesting date

After writing my initial entry on the recent DC Metro crash, it occurred to me that the date of the "accident," 6/22/2009, might have been intended as a clue to a motive. Considering that I contend that it amounted to an assassination of someone with potential inside information on 9/11/2001, I find the parallels between the dates to be ominous.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Freak "accident" silences potential Cheney loose ends

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- A former commanding general of the District of Columbia National Guard -- who ordered jets over the Capitol amid the September 11, 2001, terror attacks -- was among those killed in a transit train crash in Washington this week, authorities said Tuesday.

This is like a scene out of The Omen. Note that it took place just as an investigation into the motives for invading Iraq is getting underway in London, and Tony Blair is feeling some heat. When a supposed freak accident kills someone with potential inside information on 9/11, it's safe to bet it was no accident.

British stooges create Iranian martyr to "justify" chaos

Even before an investigation into the murder of Neda Agha Soltan could be initiated, supporters of Iranian opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi assumed, or pretended to assume, that her murder can be traced back to Iran's leadership, not once pausing to consider the counterproductive effect of such an act from the leaders' perspective. This has all the signs of having been a murder by those behind the protests (apparently the admitted Nazi collaborator George "Drug Moneybags" Soros, Her Majesty's banker), in order to inflame the rioters. One intended effect was apparently to tarnish the image of Iran's leadership, and help pave the way for the next phase of the "Apocalypse."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A chilling potential purpose for psychiatric potions

"But, in reality, the common thread in all these different treatments was the attempt to suppress 'mental illness' by deliberately damaging the higher functions of the brain. The stunning truth is that, behind closed doors, the psychiatric establishment itself labeled these treatments as 'brain-damaging therapeutics.'"

"Sorath [a.k.a. the Devil] seeks to paralyze the 'I' in man, and to prevent it from absorbing Christ's influence. His influence, once the 'I' is paralyzed, also works its way up through the lower levels of the will, undermining compassion and conscience, and causing thinking to become detached from reality, so that the world is perceived as a sort of movie, beyond our control."

This raises the question of whether psychiatric drugs are being used to open people to the Devil's influence. Elsewhere, I have noted that "enhanced interrogation" seems to indicate a connection between the "dark side" of psychiatry and the Eighth Sphere agenda, the purpose of which is to drive the spirit of man out of the world by creating a "mechanistic" world order, by which I assume is meant a heartless, rigid society which squeezes out the human spirit of love and freedom. (This goal seems to be reflected in reports coming out of Gitmo.) Destroying conscience and compassion certainly would contribute to this effort.

There is plenty of evidence that depression can be caused by deficiencies of certain nutrients. I recently found out the hard way when I ran out of a calcium/magnesium/Vit D supplement (the key ingredient relative to depression is magnesium). When I got another bottle and started taking it, my mood improved dramatically. So, before running to a pharmaceutical company for a magic pill, be sure you're giving your brain the nutrition it needs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More "progress" in Iraq

But before they left, they identified themselves. "We are the Special Forces. The dirty brigade...."
In Sadr City opposition to the Iraqi government and the US occupation is strong. There is no longer any visible militia presence, but pictures of anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr still stick to the US-built concrete walls that enclose the city, and calls to prayer end with a demand for the hastened exit of "the enemy." There, the ISOF [Iraq Special Operations Forces (9 11 6 11)] uses a policy of collective punishment, aimed at intimidating civilians, charges Hassan al-Rubaie, Sadrist member of the parliamentary Security and Defense Committee. "They terrorize entire neighborhoods just to arrest one person they think is a terrorist," he says. "This needs to stop."

[end of excerpts]

"He [UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon] noted that 13 percent of Iraqis have a monthly per capita income of less than US$51, including 26 percent in rural areas, 71 percent of Iraqis have no municipal garbage collection, and only 12 percent of household water connections are considered reliable."

"Five current and former Oregon Army National Guard soldiers filed suit Monday against a war contractor that they say knowingly exposed them to a cancer-causing chemical in Iraq."

Well, that's the "news" from Iraq: The Great Satan continues to run with the Eighth Sphere agenda, with adjustments based on the research conducted at Guantanamo and similar facilities created around the world in the Orwellian "war on terror."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The bleed-out is exceeding expectations

"The White House says America's employment picture is worse than the Obama administration had anticipated just a few months ago. The somber admission follows the latest jobless report showing the highest unemployment rate the United States has seen in more than 25 years."

"The terrorists" are winning.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another possible motive for the "war on terror"

"We can prevent this planet from going into a dark age, which we are on the edge of plunging into right now."

Lyndon LaRouche, from his emergency statement of June 6th.

This raises an issue which I have mentioned before, which is that it appears to me that one of the reasons we are waging a "war" on the other side of the planet is so that the good guys in our military will end up being abandoned there when Obama allows civilization to disintegrate while playing President Cool. Instead of doing anything about that, he has been pushing bad medical policy and bad dietary practices on TV specials designed to boost his ratings before he goes on the final blitz to transform our hospitals into killing fields, on behalf of his banker-owners. Global chaos might just beat him to the punch.

How quickly the "free market" turns into fascism

LaRouche PAC's website has presented a transcript of an exchange between Congressman Kucinich and Prof. David Himmelstein of Harvard, head of Physicians for a National Health Plan, about the progress of the health plan which Massachusetts' adopted in 2006. It was the first time I had read about it, and I'm amazed that it ever passed. It's sheer fascism. The following excerpt should convey the gist of it:

Rep. KUCINICH: Now, you mentioned Massachusetts. Massachusetts gets a lot of discussion based on the plan that they have had. People have claimed that the reform is working well. And what — could you give us an assessment of the Massachusetts plan and its relevancy or lack thereof to the moment?

HIMMELSTEIN: Well, I work in the plan. And what we know so far is the costs have been driven up substantially, as we had predicted. Government...


HIMMELSTEIN: Because essentially, the private insurance company has been kept in the middle. And the way we're increasing coverage is by buying additional coverage from them on top of the already high costs. And we've added the administrative costs of the insurance exchange, which adds 4 percent to every policy they sell, the "Connecter," on top of the already high administrative costs. And we've had no means of cost containment.

The survey actually shows that, of those directly affected by the reform, more say they've been hurt by it than helped by is because...


HIMMELSTEIN: The costs of coverage that you're required to buy are extraordinarily high. We had quite...

KUCINICH: So people are required to buy their coverage. And how much are they required to pay for the coverage?

HIMMELSTEIN: For someone my age, the required coverage would be a $4,800 dollar per person, per year, and that carries a $2,000 deductible. So you lay out $6,800 out-of-pocket before you get a penny of coverage.

KUCINICH: So you're required. What happens if you don't buy it?

HIMMELSTEIN: A $1000 fine. So the...

KUCINICH: Are they fining people? Have they fined people?

HIMMELSTEIN: They are. They fined some people last year. And we have many more coming up with tax season this year.

KUCINICH: What if you can't afford health insurance?

HIMMELSTEIN: There's a standard that says if you're above that standard, it's deemed affordable, you must buy it. You pay the cover — you pay the fine. If you go to a hospital, you pay the fine and you pay a part of the required coverage.

This is insanity. Its purpose is clearly not to foster the general welfare, but to essentially rob us at gunpoint "for our own good" and then see how much of it can be funneled into the financial organizations which own the HMOs.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Air France 447 "explanations" starting to smell

Some of the "explanations" for the crash of Air France 447 border upon desperation. One is that a meteor hit it, and I suppose that it was just a coincidence that it happened to go down where it's next to impossible to retrieve the black boxes, or any evidence for that matter. (Why isn't all black box data for transoceanic flights transmitted to satellites?) It's the equivalent of claiming that Henri Paul was soused out of his gourd, and then went and crashed in a spot conveniently hidden from view, while trying to shake "paparazzi," one of whom had a super-bright "flash." (Why didn't French traffic engineers recognize the extreme hazard of unprotected concrete pillars next to a road? Did someone instruct them to leave the hazard in place to make it easier to get rid of inconvenient people?)

The main claim is that the pilot flew into a dangerous storm, despite having advanced weather radar on the plane to warn pilots of such hazards. Other Air France pilots interviewed indicated that they never fly into such storms, and will divert to Africa if necessary to avoid them. Furthermore, if it were turbulence, the pilot probably would have had time to transmit a few words to the outside world before things got so bad that the plane disintegrated.

One possibility that I haven't seen mentioned is that the plane was under remote control, as was shown to be a possibility after 9/11. Perhaps it WAS flown into the storm, but not by the pilot. This might also explain the lack of communication, which might have been shut down remotely.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obamanomics Phase II

"But it would have been much worse without the bailout!"


I try to be objective in what I write, but since I am not God, or even particularly bright for a human, I blow it from time to time.  One of my potential mistakes, which has recently come to my attention, is that I assumed that Criss Angel's magic tricks are actual feats of black magic.  They might be, but based on a TV show that demonstrates how such illusions can be performed without having special powers, is it possible that nothing more than special apparatuses and sleight-of-hand is necessary.  I assumed that Angel's illusions provided insight into the nature of some occult powers, but now I must admit that I don't know what any of them are, because that knowledge is secret, i.e. esoteric or occult, and I am not an occultist.  What I know of "occultism" is a small portion of what has  been made public or exoteric.

This awareness that such amazing illusions can be produced with well-honed pedestrian techniques has implications for my theories regarding Satanism.  I have been assuming that the lure of occult powers is the main driver behind SRA (partly because of the Potter phenomenon, which is intended to draw kids into the outer orbits of Satanism, among other indications), and it still might be.  However, based on recent experiences, it appears to me that more mundane rewards also serve as motivations for serving the leaders and partaking in SRA.  It has also occurred to me that the frequent allusions which Satanists make to black magic through subtle hints might indicate that they believe they are ultimately serving the purposes of black magicians, which is correct, although they don't necessarily realize that this essentially involves sawing off the branch upon which they are perched.  God created them as humans, the crown of creation (a work in progress, obviously), and nothing they can do can change that.  Not even Satan can change his stripes, although he's good at pretending that he can.  He is inherently a non-spatial being, but he has managed to insert himself into the world of space-time, thus becoming a "space alien" - a chimera known a The Dragon.  However, his inherent nature hasn't changed.

Although taking possession of human souls is, according to Rudolf Steiner, Satan's "constant and fiercest endeavor," this is actually intended to contribute to a higher goal of creating a "mechanistic" world, which I assume is the same as Pink Floyd's "machine": a rigid, loveless world order designed to squeeze love and free will, i.e. the human spirit, out of the world.  His term "mechanistic," in my opinion, doesn't apply to mankind's use of machinery.  (One must be careful when reading works supposedly derived from Steiner's teachings, because they are deliberately misleading in some cases.  For example, a footnote in The Occult Movement in the 19th century claims that Steiner's reference to a world order which deliberately cultivates possession was a reference to the Assassin sect, when it was to me obviously referring to Satanism.  The footnote was not just wrong, but deliberately intended to conceal one of Satanism's most hideous true purposes.) 

Technology can be used for good or evil.  For example, maglev technology would tend to draw people together and make them appreciate not just those who created the system, but people in general, whereas our existing car-based system sets up conflict.  (If half the design effort expended on cars were put into nuclear power and maglev, our energy and transportation woes would be a thing of the past.)  However, our existing system is desirable for some purposes, and maglev would supplement it, not replace it.  

There is more to organized Satanism than taking possession of people.  It can also use non-possessed people who have surrendered their free to it as instruments to carry out its agenda to a large extent.  One of the assigned tasks is probably to partake in SRA at some level, and to demonstrate progress toward a capability for greater cruelty.  I assume that there would be a greater incidence of possession among the upper echelons in order to guarantee that Satan's will is being properly expressed in the physical world.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Air France 447: A warning to leaders?

There are several indications that the crash of Air France 447 was the result of sabotage, probably a bombing.  The fact that there was no distress call indicates that it was very sudden, and that the cockpit and/or communications were the first things affected - which is what you would want to take out first if you wanted to prevent the crew from getting any word out.  The plane also went down over a deep area of the ocean, making it difficult or impossible to retrieve any evidence.  The crash affected two countries which the British oligarchy has had reason to punish lately, at the beginning of their more lucrative tourist season.  The "most likely" cause cited - lightning - is at the same time said to be unlikely because modern airliners are designed with lightning strikes in mind.  Furthermore, terrorism was downplayed from the start by an anonymous Pentagon source, which was practically an admission that all terrorism is under the control of WASP intelligence.  Perhaps it was terrorism, but for leaders, not the general public.

Queen gets mad at France, French airliner disappears over Atlantic

May 31, 2009 (LPAC) — "Neither the Queen, nor any other member of the royal family will participate at the June 6 D-Day celebrations, since no official invitation was received for any of the planned events" reads a somber statement of Buckingham Palace on May 28.

France, my god, is accused of a terrible crime: lèse majesté. The next day, the British tabloid Daily Mail, said the Queen was "furious" and "frustrated," since she was not invited to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Normandy on June 6, although she was for the 60th in 2004.

The French government spokesman Luc Chatel immediately tried to backtrack and said, of course, the British were invited and that the Queen would be welcome, while specifying the event was a "Franco-American initiative." Buckingham Palace later also corrected its image, claiming that there was "never" any sentiment of anger or frustration. [emphasis added]

[end of excerpt]

The next day, Air France flight 447 disappeared over the Atlantic, and almost immediately, terrorism was ruled out and lightning was identified as the likely culprit, despite the fact that airliners routinely get struck by lightning without significant effects, and the Air France airliner was only 4 years old.