Friday, June 5, 2009

Air France 447 "explanations" starting to smell

Some of the "explanations" for the crash of Air France 447 border upon desperation. One is that a meteor hit it, and I suppose that it was just a coincidence that it happened to go down where it's next to impossible to retrieve the black boxes, or any evidence for that matter. (Why isn't all black box data for transoceanic flights transmitted to satellites?) It's the equivalent of claiming that Henri Paul was soused out of his gourd, and then went and crashed in a spot conveniently hidden from view, while trying to shake "paparazzi," one of whom had a super-bright "flash." (Why didn't French traffic engineers recognize the extreme hazard of unprotected concrete pillars next to a road? Did someone instruct them to leave the hazard in place to make it easier to get rid of inconvenient people?)

The main claim is that the pilot flew into a dangerous storm, despite having advanced weather radar on the plane to warn pilots of such hazards. Other Air France pilots interviewed indicated that they never fly into such storms, and will divert to Africa if necessary to avoid them. Furthermore, if it were turbulence, the pilot probably would have had time to transmit a few words to the outside world before things got so bad that the plane disintegrated.

One possibility that I haven't seen mentioned is that the plane was under remote control, as was shown to be a possibility after 9/11. Perhaps it WAS flown into the storm, but not by the pilot. This might also explain the lack of communication, which might have been shut down remotely.