Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Air France 447: A warning to leaders?

There are several indications that the crash of Air France 447 was the result of sabotage, probably a bombing.  The fact that there was no distress call indicates that it was very sudden, and that the cockpit and/or communications were the first things affected - which is what you would want to take out first if you wanted to prevent the crew from getting any word out.  The plane also went down over a deep area of the ocean, making it difficult or impossible to retrieve any evidence.  The crash affected two countries which the British oligarchy has had reason to punish lately, at the beginning of their more lucrative tourist season.  The "most likely" cause cited - lightning - is at the same time said to be unlikely because modern airliners are designed with lightning strikes in mind.  Furthermore, terrorism was downplayed from the start by an anonymous Pentagon source, which was practically an admission that all terrorism is under the control of WASP intelligence.  Perhaps it was terrorism, but for leaders, not the general public.