Thursday, June 11, 2009

A chilling potential purpose for psychiatric potions

"But, in reality, the common thread in all these different treatments was the attempt to suppress 'mental illness' by deliberately damaging the higher functions of the brain. The stunning truth is that, behind closed doors, the psychiatric establishment itself labeled these treatments as 'brain-damaging therapeutics.'"

"Sorath [a.k.a. the Devil] seeks to paralyze the 'I' in man, and to prevent it from absorbing Christ's influence. His influence, once the 'I' is paralyzed, also works its way up through the lower levels of the will, undermining compassion and conscience, and causing thinking to become detached from reality, so that the world is perceived as a sort of movie, beyond our control."

This raises the question of whether psychiatric drugs are being used to open people to the Devil's influence. Elsewhere, I have noted that "enhanced interrogation" seems to indicate a connection between the "dark side" of psychiatry and the Eighth Sphere agenda, the purpose of which is to drive the spirit of man out of the world by creating a "mechanistic" world order, by which I assume is meant a heartless, rigid society which squeezes out the human spirit of love and freedom. (This goal seems to be reflected in reports coming out of Gitmo.) Destroying conscience and compassion certainly would contribute to this effort.

There is plenty of evidence that depression can be caused by deficiencies of certain nutrients. I recently found out the hard way when I ran out of a calcium/magnesium/Vit D supplement (the key ingredient relative to depression is magnesium). When I got another bottle and started taking it, my mood improved dramatically. So, before running to a pharmaceutical company for a magic pill, be sure you're giving your brain the nutrition it needs.