Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I try to be objective in what I write, but since I am not God, or even particularly bright for a human, I blow it from time to time.  One of my potential mistakes, which has recently come to my attention, is that I assumed that Criss Angel's magic tricks are actual feats of black magic.  They might be, but based on a TV show that demonstrates how such illusions can be performed without having special powers, is it possible that nothing more than special apparatuses and sleight-of-hand is necessary.  I assumed that Angel's illusions provided insight into the nature of some occult powers, but now I must admit that I don't know what any of them are, because that knowledge is secret, i.e. esoteric or occult, and I am not an occultist.  What I know of "occultism" is a small portion of what has  been made public or exoteric.

This awareness that such amazing illusions can be produced with well-honed pedestrian techniques has implications for my theories regarding Satanism.  I have been assuming that the lure of occult powers is the main driver behind SRA (partly because of the Potter phenomenon, which is intended to draw kids into the outer orbits of Satanism, among other indications), and it still might be.  However, based on recent experiences, it appears to me that more mundane rewards also serve as motivations for serving the leaders and partaking in SRA.  It has also occurred to me that the frequent allusions which Satanists make to black magic through subtle hints might indicate that they believe they are ultimately serving the purposes of black magicians, which is correct, although they don't necessarily realize that this essentially involves sawing off the branch upon which they are perched.  God created them as humans, the crown of creation (a work in progress, obviously), and nothing they can do can change that.  Not even Satan can change his stripes, although he's good at pretending that he can.  He is inherently a non-spatial being, but he has managed to insert himself into the world of space-time, thus becoming a "space alien" - a chimera known a The Dragon.  However, his inherent nature hasn't changed.

Although taking possession of human souls is, according to Rudolf Steiner, Satan's "constant and fiercest endeavor," this is actually intended to contribute to a higher goal of creating a "mechanistic" world, which I assume is the same as Pink Floyd's "machine": a rigid, loveless world order designed to squeeze love and free will, i.e. the human spirit, out of the world.  His term "mechanistic," in my opinion, doesn't apply to mankind's use of machinery.  (One must be careful when reading works supposedly derived from Steiner's teachings, because they are deliberately misleading in some cases.  For example, a footnote in The Occult Movement in the 19th century claims that Steiner's reference to a world order which deliberately cultivates possession was a reference to the Assassin sect, when it was to me obviously referring to Satanism.  The footnote was not just wrong, but deliberately intended to conceal one of Satanism's most hideous true purposes.) 

Technology can be used for good or evil.  For example, maglev technology would tend to draw people together and make them appreciate not just those who created the system, but people in general, whereas our existing car-based system sets up conflict.  (If half the design effort expended on cars were put into nuclear power and maglev, our energy and transportation woes would be a thing of the past.)  However, our existing system is desirable for some purposes, and maglev would supplement it, not replace it.  

There is more to organized Satanism than taking possession of people.  It can also use non-possessed people who have surrendered their free to it as instruments to carry out its agenda to a large extent.  One of the assigned tasks is probably to partake in SRA at some level, and to demonstrate progress toward a capability for greater cruelty.  I assume that there would be a greater incidence of possession among the upper echelons in order to guarantee that Satan's will is being properly expressed in the physical world.