Friday, June 26, 2009

Recent Iraq bombings: Any excuse will do

"On Wednesday, four days after the last American base in Sadr City closed, a bomb hidden on a motorcycle cart killed at least 76 people and wounded more than 150 in a market in the neighborhood. On Thursday, at least seven bombs exploded around the country in what appeared to be a message from extremists days before the deadline."

I'm not sure what the NY Times means by "extremists," but I suspect the group behind the bombings is the same group that was behind the horrible torture-murders which occurred in areas controlled by US forces, and were chalked up to "sectarian violence": i.e. the "sect" known as Satanism, which revels in extreme violence (see Satan on War). From my perspective, these recent bombings are just more Satanist terrorism in service of the 8th Sphere agenda of creating Hades on Earth and driving the human spirit away from Earth into the 8th Sphere. Satanism's other main agenda - ultimately demonic possession [1] - requires a more "hands on" sort of violence, such as the aforementioned hideous deeds, after long preparation through less hideous deeds, such as "enhanced interrogation." Faceless "blind terrorism" is more a hallmark of the Devil (and his British empire that controls the media which feeds us "explanations"), who runs the 8S agenda through Satan and Lucifer, the Devil's "horns." The typical "explanations" for the bombings are just cover stories to conceal the very existence of such motives and of the "supermen," distinguished by their cowardice and heartlessness, who are behind such atrocities (typically dirty Special [65>11/black magic] Forces-type operatives using unwitting natives to deliver their bombs). The US has created the Iraqi Special Operations Force which proudly refers to itself as the "dirty brigade," or something similar, and which is known for its random unjustified brutality, and it's possible that it is behind these bombings. (As they stand up, we'll stand down, indeed.)

The continuation of such bombings despite apparent signs that conditions should be improving is probably calculated to create hopelessness in the populace. The same strategy is apparently at work at Guantanamo, where the captives have had their hopes built up and dashed time and time again.


[1] Demonic possession appears to be reserved mainly for men, whereas it appears that women are typically limited to a form of possession that gives them a contemptuous "Nietzschean superman" attitude toward people (as opposed to a compulsion to be as cruel as possible while still getting away with it). However, I suppose it's possible to be a Satanist and to help destroy civilization without being possessed, although I imagine that being possessed provides opportunities for advancement within the organization.