Wednesday, August 12, 2009

American Express' big lie

A recent American Express commercial pretty much comes out and states that an economic recovery will come from the collective activity of small businesses, which is not much different than one of Satan's original excuses for "free trade" - the Fable of the Bees by Bernard Man-deville. This bone-headed piece of Satanic propaganda uses beehives as a model for human societies, and assumes that bees are motivated by selfish concerns, like humans. In fact, a beehive is controlled by a group soul which coordinates the activity of all of its members.

Although ideas arise from individual human intellectual effort (spiritual activity), and those who provide good basic ideas deserve a certain amount of compensation and recognition (partly to allow them to come up with more ideas), overall economies arise from collective effort to implement good ideas about certain necessities, such as water, power, health care, and education, without becoming slaves to those who provide the ideas, or those who provide the credit to implement them. This is the basic idea behind the American System, which Mandeville's screed actually supports despite his intent.

The Establishment has no problem with collective effort on a vast scale, as long as it's for purposes of warfare, which they call "necessary" after contriving the situation which supposedly requires warfare. But when collective effort is used for the common good, they call it "collectivism" or "socialism," and imply that "real men" are self-created and totally self-sufficient, like the heroes in Ayn Rand's books or the supposed American "rugged individualist."

We got into the current economic mess by allowing our arch enemy, the British Empire, to bury the idea of the American System and wage economic warfare on us in the name of freedom ("free trade"). Since American Express is a tentacle of the British Empire, it would naturally push British economic lies.

There goes what's left of my credit rating, which is a major means by which the same Establishment which champions "free trade" controls our individual lives, often with more lies.