Friday, August 21, 2009

Angela Simpson, patsy

I've concluded that Angela Simpson, Terry Neely's supposed torturer-murderer, probably had nothing to do with this crime, but that she is protecting the monster(s) behind it. The police might have arrested her to pressure her into snitching on the real monsters, because her "confession" was pathetic and I doubt they fell for it. One article indicated that they assume she had accomplices.

It's possible that the actual killers were Satanists working on their "initiation." Satanists apparently believe that SRA, of which torture-murder is the most advanced form, is intended to prepare them for initiation into black magic, a.k.a. "wizardry." The actual purpose of SRA is to open the souls of Satanists to demonic possession.

Angela Simpson was interviewed by KTVK, and the interview was posted to the internet. During the interview, she said that she enjoyed killing him, which is one reason I doubt that she took part in it. The ability to enjoy torturing and killing someone who is innocent and defenseless implies possession, but possession imparts a high degree of cunning, which can hardly be said about Simpson, who has all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop. I noted the following other discrepancies in the interview:

A) Simpson said she regrets that she wouldn't be able to kill more snitches, but if her goal was just to kill snitches, she should have been a little more subtle about it so she would have been able to get away with it and continue killing. (She also supposedly targeted child molesters, but she didn't say what she would do about those who snitch on child molesters.) It's hard to forget about a torture-murder-dismemberment followed by an attempted incineration.

B) She said that Neely was yelling as she tortured him, and later said he wasn't, but that she couldn't recall what he was doing. (If he were yelling, and was in her apartment, why didn't anyone hear him?)

C) She couldn't say what he had snitched about, just that he had been in prison and had become an informant, and that his "offenses" had occurred years earlier. This would seem to indicate that Neely was tortured and killed to PREVENT others from snitching, although Simpson said that her goal was simply to kill snitches.

D) The torture-murder supposedly took place in her apartment over the course of three days, but nobody apparently noticed. She didn't say anything about him being gagged, and in fact, pulling his teeth was supposedly part of the torture. So, either the torture took place in a remote or soundproof location, or he was dead before his teeth were pulled, and perhaps even before the signs of torture were inflicted.

E) She claimed to have killed others, but couldn't say how many others or how - just that they were snitches and child molesters. She didn't provide any specifics except what we had already learned through the police.

F) She wouldn't say how long she had been doing it.

G) She said that we shouldn't believe her. I don't, and I suspect that an expert in body language would also conclude that she was lying.

Hopefully it won't take long before the police capture the real killers.