Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Establishment's pet "economists" have (drum roll) ... an upbeat outlook!

Oh, what a surprise:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The worst U.S. recession since the Great Depression will probably end in the third quarter, but uncertainty exists over the speed and duration of the economic recovery, according to the most recent survey of private economists.

The Blue Chip [66] Economic Indicators [81 > 9, and the name converts to 666] survey of private economists released on Monday showed about 90 [6x15, i.e. "666x5"] percent of the respondents surveyed believe the economic downturn will be declared to have ended this quarter.
Despite the improved economic picture, unemployment was expected to remain a problem....

In other words, the Synarchist/fascist "behaviorist economists" (mass-behavior manipulators) want us to believe that the recession is over in most places, but just not where you happen to live. This is similar to ads for brake jobs which cost $49 in most cases - just not in yours.

In case you've forgotten, these same "economists" (assuming they're not just imaginary participants in an imaginary poll) never said anything about the "recession" which is supposedly ending until it was upon us and they could no longer deny it, and even then, they were uncertain about its every aspect and still can't provide a coherent report on it.

If you're looking for an example of someone "channeling" the Spirits of Darkness, look no further than these tongue-in-cheek disinformation agents within the mass media, for whom lying is fun, especially when it contributes to the destruction of civilization. Bill Kristol, the "expert" who helped lie us into the "war" in Iraq (which I believe is partly intended to leave our military stranded on the other side of the planet), and is still featured on TV talk shows as an expert, is a good example of how these snakes get recycled. Are we to believe that he got a soul transplant?

I suppose Israel will attack Iran when necessary to allow these "economists" to blame Iran for the economic collapse which LaRouche has predicted will occur in a couple of months even if we merely "stay the course," without any help from God's chosen government, which is actually a "Jewish" branch of organized Satanism (thus explaining the Gaza invasion.