Sunday, August 16, 2009

LaRouche-haters should get their story straight

After some elements of the mainstream media recently publicized LaRouche's expose of the top-secret Nazi "death panels" hidden in subtle language in the "health care reform" legislation, either inadvertently or deliberately and disguised as inadvertent, other elements are trying to keep his name associated with various crackpot fringe groups. However, they can't seem to agree whether he's a Nazi or a Communist. Just search Google News under "LaRouche" and you'll see what I mean. I've never seen such rabid attacks in my life. One article starts out by making baseless insinuations that he's a Nazi, and by the end is implying that he was a Communist radical bomb-thrower/gang leader. His article, clearly aimed at people who've never heard of LaRouche, indicates that LaRouche was convicted and sent to prison, when in fact he was railroaded by what former AG Ramsey Clark characterized as the worst case of railroading he'd ever seen. The sheer amount of raw power put into this railroad-job should convince anyone that LaRouche truly is a rare threat to "the Establishment."