Saturday, August 29, 2009

LaRouche's latest gift to the US military

I don't think there could be a more definitive statement on the "war" if Afghanistan that the one which LaRouche recently made, entitled LaRouche on Afghanistan: "No Alternative To Total Victory"—Over the British Empire. In it, he characterizes this "war" as a British trap intended to destroy the US and its military. I suppose there are a few angles on it, such as the possibility that it's part of Satan's ongoing war on mankind (including its members in the US military), that it's being portrayed by "Christian" Fundy leaders as some aspect of their version of the Apocalypse, and that it could be characterized as advanced Satanism/SRA on a vast scale, but all of these are subsidiary to the description that LaRouche has provided. The US military should publish it widely, including versions suitable for framing and hanging in all of its facilities. Eventually, it should become part of US military doctrine.