Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More of maglev's advantages

In my previous post, I should have mentioned that the list of maglev's advantages over our existing system is extensive. A major one of these is that maglev doesn't lose traction due to icing, whereas our existing system becomes useless for much of the year in many areas as it is, and this will get worse as global cooling progresses. Maglev would also drastically reduce the amount which people would need to travel, since the system would be largely automated. Considering that cars are as large as they are mainly to protect drivers and passengers, most maglev cars could be much smaller and lighter, and designed for a specific task such as transporting refrigerated goods. Wear would largely be a thing of the past, and the speed could rival that of aircraft. Because of all these advantages, maglev would pay for itself over the long run and would be part of any real economic recovery.